Source 5b

Extract 2 out of 2. A police report on the incident at the Derby, 1913. Catalogue ref: MEPO 2/1551



found two Suffragette flags 1½ yards long by ¾ yard wide each consisting of green, white and purple stripes folded up and pinned to the back of her jacket on the inside. On person 1 purse containing 3s 8d ¾. 1 return half railway ticket from Epsom Race Course to Victoria No 0315, 2 Postal Orders Counterfoils [ticket stubs for a postal order payment] No 79/c 435592 for 2/6 [two shillings and six pence] “crossed” written in ink thereon, one for 7/6 [seven shillings and six pence], E. Gore, 1 4/13 written in ink thereon one insurance ticket dated May 10th 1913 on. G. E. [Great Eastern] Railway to and from New Oxford Street. [Return ticket]. Eight ½ [penny] stamps. 1 key. 1 Helpers’ pass for the Suffragette Festival Empress Rooms, High Street, Kensington for 4th June 1913. 1 Memo Book. 1 Race Card some envelopes and writing paper. 1 handkerchief Emily Davison [initials] E. W. D. 8.88 [shillings and pennies] in coins.


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  • Does this confirm or challenge the views in sources 3 and 4?
  • What do you think Emily Davison was trying to do?