Document Six - MH12/15467

A handbill advertising a pamphlet by Samuel Roberts from Sheffield. He was successful manufacturer of silver and plated goods and who took up a number of benevolent causes. Having been an overseer of the poor under the Old Poor Law he became very opposed to the New Poor Law.

The text is a transcript of annotations from the document:

Archive reference: MH12/15467
Date of Letter (in which the handbill was enclosed): 15 March 1846
Poor Law Union: Sheffield Poor Law Union

If we commence to notice this man’s publications we shall have enough to do. It will be observed that there has been an Inquest and that none of the Newspapers of wh. there are 3 in Sheffield wd. give insertion to the article. No date is given so it may have taken place some time ago.


Handbill: [Stamp: Received P.L.C. Aug 24 1844] [Stamp: Received P.L.C. Aug 21 1844]

Just published. Price one penny.
The case of WM. Whitaker, The Lunatic pauper,
who perished in the Sheffield Union Workhouse, as related by his widow.

The above case has been offered to the editors of each of the three Sheffield Newspapers for insertion, and has been rejected by all of them – why?

No Poor Law Commissioners!!
Britons will not be slaves!!

Men of Sheffield, what are you about?
Form at once an anti new poor law committee!
Under the law you have Paid more than £100,000 beyond what the Old Law would have required, while the Poor have been ten times more oppressed.

“Whoso hath this world’s goods, and seeth that his brother hath need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?” – 1st John, iii. 17.
“He that hideth his eyes from the Poor, shall have many a curse.” – Proverbs xxviii, 27.

Sold by W.M.Ford, Printer, York-Street, Sheffield.

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