Source 8



6th February 1865

[Oval stamp Metropolitan Police Office received 7 FEB 1865]


I have laid before Secretary Mr George Grey your letter of the 31st ultimo [previous month] and to inform you that upon your recommendations, he is pleased to grant gratuities [money payments] as under to the Police Officers who distinguished themselves by their zeal and exertions in the detection of Franz Muller, viz:

Inspector Steer                  D. Division £10

Superintendent   Tiddy      D. Division £15

Superintendent   Howie     K. Division £15

Inspector Kevresey            K. Division £10

Inspector Tanner                Detective   £20

Inspector Williamson          Detective   £10

Sergeant Clark                   Detective   £10

[The Commissioner of Police]

Police Constable Dugan     K. Division   £2

Police Constable Lambert   K. Division   £2

I am your obedient servant

T.G. Binny


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Letter to the Commissioner of Police from the Home Office at Whitehall about rewards for certain policemen who worked on the case, 6th February, 1865. (Catalogue ref: MEPO 3/76)

  • What type of record is this?
  • Can you find out what is the connection between the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police?
  • What does this letter reveal about the police response to the crime?
  • Can you suggest reasons why the investigation was so intensive? [see Source 4 again]