Source 7


 Detective Departments

November 20 1864

I beg to submit the names and ranks of Police engaged in Muller’s case

Thomas Steer, Inspector D. Division Matthews [witness in the case] gave first information to this Inspector and he was engaged with me one night at Bow in tracing Muller
Fred Williamson, Inspector Detective Was engaged during my absence in America in making enquiries and getting up evidence.
Walter Kenessey, Inspector K. Division, George Clark Sergeant Detective These two officers engaged on the enquiry during 12 weeks and went to America with me.
Richard Tanner

Inspector Detective

Had charge and responsibility of case from beginning to end went to America and arrested Muller causing very great anxiety during 16 weeks.
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A list of policemen involved in the case and their duties from the Detective Department. (Catalogue reference: MEPO 3/76)

  • How long did the investigation last?
  • What does this source infer about police methods of investigation?