Nuisance filthy gardens

A ‘nuisance letter’ to the General Board of Health requesting it to force parish authorities to resolve the ‘nuisance’ of filthy gardens in Bethnal Green, 10 October 1848, Catalogue ref: MH 13/261.


Nuisance complaint

Punderson Gardens

Bethnal Green Road


Now that the cholera has made its appearance among us and you are intrusted with the means of its prevention, I take the liberty of calling your attention to the filthy condition of these gardens- hoping [your] authority with the overseers or [Guardians] of the Parish will cause them to make some attention. In wet rainy weather it is almost impossible to walk up and down some part of it on account of the Mud and water. The Mud, water and filth is suffered [to] Accumulate- there is scarcely any Drainage. The water remains in kinnels [channels?] till it becomes Green and Neither the Road nor the footpath is paved as the Inhabitants are all very poor. I am afraid many of them must fall a sacrifice to its fury [die from cholera]-if they could not procure [get] medical advice night and day gratis [free].

I would take the liberty of suggesting to the Board the necessity of having printed directions given to every house owner or lodger what to do in case of an attack with the remedy they could apply themselves to abate its violence-with the proper places to apply for medical Aid.

An inhabitant of Punderson Gardens

October 10, 1848

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