Source Three - Sebastian's Boys

Request to find an abducted child actor.  Catalogue ref: PC2/10


At Windesor, the iijde of December, 1575

Subscribed as before, adding the earl of Warwick and the earl of Bedford.

A letter to the Master of the Rolles and Mr. Doctour Wilson that wheare one of Sebastianes boyes, being one of his principall plaiers, is lately stolen and conveyed from him, they be required to examine such persons as Sebastian holdeth suspected, and to proceade with such as be found faultie acording to lawe and thorders of the realme.

Simplified Transcript

At Windsor, the 23rd of December 1575

Lords present as before adding the Earls of Warwick and Bedford.

A letter to the Master of Rolls and Mr Doctor Wilson that one of ‘Sebastian’s Boys’, being one of his principal players, has been stolen and taken from him. They are required to examine those people Sebastian suspects, and to arrest those who are found to be at fault according to the laws and orders of the realm.

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  1. What has happened to the lead actor of Sebastian’s boys?
  2. What does this tell us about life as a young actor?