The Search for ‘Terra Australis’: Map description

The map shows a trailing red dashed line leaving Plymouth, England and travelling South West to curve beneath South America before reaching point one on the East coast on New Zealand.

The first point reads: Source 3: Tūranganui-a-Kiwa / Poverty Bay Extract from Cook’s journal entry from 11 October 1769. This entry describes the first time Cook steps foot on what is now New Zealand, and what he would later name ‘Poverty Bay’.

The second point reads: Source 4: Motuara Island. Extract from Cook’s journal entry from 31 January 1770. He is on Motuara Island in modern-day New Zealand.

The third point reads: Ka-may / Botany Bay. Cook first landed in what is now called Botany Bay (Aboriginal: Ka-may) in modern-day Australia.

The fourth and final point reads: Source 5: Possession Island. Extract from Cook’s journal entry from 22 August 1770. He is on ‘Possession Island’ in modern-day Australia. This island is called Bedanug, Thunadha, Bedhan Lag, or Tuidin by local Aboriginal groups.

The trailing red line curves below South Africa to return to Plymouth, England.