Source 1(b)

An extract from a warrant, a document giving a royal command.

Our will pleasure and commandement is that upon the receipt hereof you shall embosse [engrave] by your selves, and by other skilfull workmen by your choice if need require it, in Leade [lead] wax or other stuf fit and necessary for that purpose, paternes [patterns] for a new greate Seale according to the last paterne made upon parchment by you our servant Hilliard, delivered unto us, and by us allowed, and by the same paternes you chall [shall] worke, engrave, sinke finishe and bringe to perfection ready to be used with all convenient speede suche a new Greate Seale in silver…

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  1. Can you spot the following words:
  • ‘paterne made upon parchment by you our servant Hilliard’

The words mention Nicholas Hilliard, the artist who designed the seal.  The document is made from parchment which was thin, dried, animal skin used for writing on.

  1. Have a go at reading whole part of the document. It helps to read the letters ‘y’ for ‘i’, ‘f’ for ‘s’ and ‘c’ as ‘t’. You can also use the transcript.
  2. After reading the document, can you explain the different stages for making the new seal?