Catholic exiles

Extract from a ‘Catalogue of certain English Catholics’, 1598 (SP 12/269/69, f.97r)

This extract gives a sense of some of the information that was collected by the state towards the end of Elizabeth’s reign on Catholic exiles living abroad.  Although most entries are just names, some individuals were described and notes were taken if they had passed on ‘intelligence’ (i.e. information) to foreign princes and/or received pensions from them.


1598   A Catalogue of certain English Catholics

In Flanders

Att Dowaye [Jesuit seminary in Douai]

Doctor Worthington president of the College

Doctor Webb which put up the bull against her Majesty

Doctor Harison a shrewd fellow, a writer

Comers the Jesuit

Lowe the steward who hath a son in London which gives him intelligence [from?] a [unclear] schoolmaster

Hanson an ancient grave gentleman

Mistress Saoler & her two daughters

Doctor White, a civilian, wife & many[?] children

Divers artisans of sundry trades

Priests in the cell

Willis the [most] honest man of them all and best affectionate to his country He was a minister in England sometimes


Norton} Young priests gentlemen

Younger a Yorkshire man well on in years

Reynolds sometime a minister a simple man

Students in Divinity


Hasell Thursebye

Gervas Pentraye

Tottye Blinkinsipe



Students in philosophy

Triuer Norton

Brotherlome  Lowe the steward’s son

Students in logic

Greene Perkinson

Redman Twist his father is of

Philips the Queen’s stable he fled from the court Ostende & gave intelligence to the archduke who reared him.

Students in Retoric [& poetry?]

Webb Timothie

Change James

Grigory Francis Gregorye

Greene Kenington




Genninges Thursbye

Norton Ingham

Burrell Hugh Thomas


At Brussels

William Stanley & six English servants

Hugh Owen & 2 English servants

Capten Flaide}

Capten Thomas}

Capten Dyar}

Capten Fennel} all these save the 2 last

Capten Zouch} have pensions

Capten Smith} 60 crowns a month of

Capten Eliot} of the king of Spain

Capten Gervas}

Lieutenat Chambers} ….

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