Case Study Two: Mary Maddin

Source one:
1. What information does this census page reveal about the Maddin family?
2. Where have the family migrated from?
3. What professions can you see on the page? What does this suggest about the area?
4. How old is Mary Maddin in 1881

Source two:
5. What can you discover about the lives of Hezekiah and Mary Mosocw from this census record? Include as much detail as possible.
6. How many rooms do they have? How does this compare to their neighbours?
7. What else does the census tell you about the area?

Source three:
8. Why is Marian writing to the editor of ‘Sporting Life’?
9. What does this suggest about her life at this time?
10. Mary has written her name as Marian here, what does this suggest about the tone she is trying to portray?

Source four:
11. Why is Mary in the workhouse?
12. What can you learn about her life at the time from this document?

Add these details to your timeline

1881 Census entry for the Maddin family

1891 Census entry for the Moscow family

The Sporting Life, July 13 1892

Workhouse admission and discharge records, Tower Hamlets 1908.