Queen Anne’s Funeral

Document setting out the order of the royal funeral procession for Queen Anne, 16 August, 1714, (Catalogue ref: PC 1/2/256/f8)



Marquises younger Sons

Earls eldest Sons

Viscounts of Ireland

Viscounts of Great Britain

Dukes younger Sons

Marquises eldest Sons

Earls of Ireland

Earls of Great Britain

Earl Poulet Lord Steward                   Earl of Suffolk as exercising the office of

of the Household                                           Earl Marshal of England

Dukes oldest Sons


Lord Great Chamberlain Marquis of Lindsey


Two Heralds of Arms

Lord Privy Seal

Lord President of the Council

Lord Archbishop of York, (No Train born)

Lord Chancellor bearing royal Purse (no Train born nor Mace carried)

Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, (no Train born)

A Gentleman Usher            Norroy King of Arms carrying the    A Gentleman Usher

Crown on a purple velvet cushion

Lord Chamberlain of Queens Household with his White Staff


The canopy born by Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber

Supporters of the Pall

[Funeral cloth]

The Royal body carried by ten or twelve Yeomen of the Guard covered with a large Pall of purple velvet and lined with purple silk, with a fine Holland [linen fabric] sheet adorned with ten large Escutcheons [shields] of the Imperial Arms painted on satin under a canopy of purple velvet

A Gentleman Usher — Garter Principal King of Arms or in his absence Clarenceux King of Arms — Gentleman Usher, the Black Rod

Supporter to royal Chief Mourner, a Duke

The Chief Mourner Supported by two Dukes, her Train born by the

Queen’s Vice-Chamberlain

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