Source 7

Extract from the will of Samuel Pepys (catalogue ref: PROB 1/9) 


And I pray my most approved and most deare freind William Hewer of Clapham in the County of Surrey Esquire to take the Trouble as my Executor of Seeing this my Will performed and to accept of the said Summe of Five hundred Pounds as a very Small Instance of my Respect and most Sensible Esteeme of his more than filiall affection and Tendernesse Expressed towards me through all the Occurences of my Life for Forty Yeares past unto this day 

Simplified Transcript

I ask my dearest friend, William Hewer of Clapham, Surrey, to be the executor of my will and to accept £500 as a very small mark of my respect and in recognition of the affection and tenderness he has shown me (more than a son would have done) through everything that has happened to me over the last 40 years… 


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  • How is William Hewer connected to Samuel Pepys? 
  • What does his job as executor mean? 
  • How much money has Pepys left to William Hewer? 
  • Using our money calculator, can you work out how much this would be worth today? 
  • How long has Pepys known Hewer?