Source 5b

This extract tell us about one of the people Samuel Pepys chose to remember in his will. (Catalogue ref: PROB 1/9) 


…I hold my selfe Obliged on this Occasion, to leave behind me the most full and lasting Acknowledgment of my esteem, respect and gratitude to the Excellent Lady Mrs. Mary Skyner for the many important Effects of her Steddy friendshipp and Assistances during the whole course of my Life, within the last Thirty Three Yeares 

Simplified transcript

 I must leave a record of my admiration and thanks to Mrs Mary Skinner for her constant friendship and help over the last thirty three years… 


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Look at Sources 5a and b.


  • What sort of things do you think Pepys might have given to people named in his will?
  • How long had he known Mary Skinner?   
  • Although he does not say it in his will, Mary lived with him and was treated by his friends as though she was his wife – do you think the language he uses suggestthey were more than just good friends?