Spa Fields protest

A handwritten bill found with the papers of James Watson. This was to be printed to notify the public of the Spa Fields meeting in December. It outlines the means of distress and also plays the Trafalgar patriotic card by saying ‘England Expects’ in calling a meeting.  (TS 11/201/870/533)


Expects every Man to do his Duty

The Meeting at Spa Fields
takes place at 12 o’clock
on Monday December 2nd 1816
To receive the answer of the Prince Regent to the Petition determined upon at the last Meeting held at the same place and for other important Considerations
The present state of Great Britain
Four Millions in Distress!!!
Four Millions Embarrassed!!!
One Million and a Half fear distress!!!
Half a Million live in splendid luxury!!!
Our Brothers in Ireland are in a worse state
The climax of misery is complete, it can go no further
Death would now be a relief to millions. Arrogance
Folly and Crime have brought affairs to this dread crisis –
Firmness and Integrity can only save the Country!!!
After the last Meeting some disorderly people were guilty of attacking the property of Individuals, they were ill informed of the object of the meeting, it was not to plunder persons suffering in these calamitous times in common with others. The day will soon arrive when the distresses will be relieved.
The Nation’s wrongs must be redressed

John Dyall Chairman
Thomas Preston Secretary
Seale & Bates Printers Tottenham Court Road

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