Questions for Blanketeers

Questions put to arrested Blanketeers (HO 42/164 f.43)


  1. Are you living with your parents or how otherwise?
  2. What wages were you getting?
  3. Had you any and what relief from the township? What township?
  4. Can you read and write?
  5. What school have you been at?
  6. What religion are you of?
  7. Have you commonly attended any and what church or chapel?
  8. Do you wish to give any account of what you were doing last Monday? Tell your own story?
  9. What did you go for?
  10. What did you complain of and what did you expect to get by it?
  11. What should you have done if the Prince refused to see you?
  12. Are you a member of any club or society? Where was it held? Who were the heads of it? What was it called? What did you do at it?
  13. How should you have come back?
  14. Where did you intend to sleep the first night?
  15. Who were the head of your ten?
  16. Who were captains of the division?
  17. Where was it settled who should be heads, where and how was it managed?
  18. Had you a knapsack? Where did you get it?
  19. Where did you get your petition?
  20. When did you first attend the meetings at Bibby’s rooms? How often did you go there? What did you think of what was said?
  21. When did you first think of going?
  22. Did you go of your own accord, or who set you on?
  23. Was there any drawing of lots who should go? When was it? Who proposed it? Who managed it? What street or place was it for? [There had been a rumour of a ballot for this purpose]
  24. Did you receive or pay any money?
  25. What do you think of the business now?
  26. Who will speak to your character?
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