Marshalsea Prisoners

Fragment of a note which was sent to prisoners of the Marshalsea Prison: it refers to the second meeting, on 2 December at Spa Fields, called after Henry Hunt was refused in attempting to deliver a petition to the Prince Regent. Revolutionary Spenceans wanted to encourage rioting to be able to take power. (TS 11/200)


Prince whose reign has with help of a Vile, Corrupt, Injurious, and Diabolical Government brought Destruction and Misery on his Subjects.

Then Englishmen who were never Born to be Slaves, arise from your slumber and throw off the Yoke of Tyranny and Oppression. Free yourselves from that Immorality which has paved the way for Corruption and with sorrow do we relate taken its permanent seat not to be removed unless the People in a body rally round the Tri Coloured Standard which will be raised and unfurled amidst Thousands on Monday the 2nd of December 1816. When by Firmness and Intrepidity the English Nation will be brought back to its former Glorious Condition. On that truly happy event Let us like Britons come forward from the East, West, North, and South and boldly rally our Invincible and Triumphant Standard demanding the Restoration of our Liberties – as our Native Birth Right.

We shall now we have stated these few and true remarks, which are meant for the Support and Salvation of our Country Cheerfully Inform you the following plan

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