Blanketeer Hulton

Letter from Jonathan Hulton to his parents, 11 March 1817 (HO 40/5/2 f.1304)


Ashbourne near Derby, Tuesday 11th March 1817

Father and Mother

I arrived in this Town tonight and I hope to stop in this Town all Night all is Confusion, some of us they alow to Come in town and some they keep out all the way we have Come we have been Garded by the Soldiers and a grate [great] Many have gone back agen [again], and you may expect to see me at Stand very soon we see very plane [plain] they are determined to stop us a great many of us ‘as been put in prison in nearly all the towns we have Come threw [through] thear [their] sordes [swords] gliter [steel] round our heades but the thing is as it is tel James Collier I slept at Macclesfield last night and I had very good Lodgings and the I hope I shal have the same tonight tell all the men that I am in good Spirits as ever tho’ I do not know but I may be in prison in ten minutes from now I am a trew [true] Reformer yet and I do not Care who knows it I have not more time at present as I must look out for Lodgings

I am your

Jonathan Hulton

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