Thunderbird 3 Form

Pupils design their own toy for a child today, remembering to complete the accompanying form of registration for their design! Here is the form that was used for the toy design for Thunderbird 3.


Registered Design No. 918623

Date of Application 15th October, 1964.

Date as of which design registered 15th October, 1964.

Certificate of registration issued 16 Nov 1964

Article in respect of which design is registered a Model craft

Name and address of proprietor

A. P. Films Limited
a British Company,
Stirling Road,

Address for service
c/o Haseltine, Lake & co.,
28 Southampton Buildings,
Chancery Lane,
London, W.C.2.

19 Aug 1969 Copyright extended for second period of five years

27 Aug 1974 Copyright extended for final period of five years

Copyright Expired

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