Medical plans for a raid

Map and extract from Appendix I to War Diary of A.D.M.S [Assistant Director of Medical Services, 4th Cavalry Division, on the Medical Arrangements for the raid on Cologne Farm [near Hargicourt in Picardy] 29 June 1917, (Catalogue ref: WO 95/1157)

*Advanced Regimental Aid Post: ADV R.A.P.

Transcript for extract

Medical Arrangements for the raid on Cologne Farm

(1) With the raiding party:-

8 Regimental stretcher bearers

4 Field stretchers

2 Haversacks with shell dressings

28 ammonia capsules

8 P.H. Helmets

The above will be divided between the Northern and Southern Platoons and in addition 2 stretcher bearers with two field stretchers will be stationed at the N.W. corner of the slag heap. The 10 regimental stretcher bearers will be provided by Major TERROT and the equipment mentioned above will be provided by Captain HILL R.A.M.C. at BIII subsector headquarters by 10 am on 1-7-17

(2) At the advanced Regimental Aid Post at L5C.8.6.[Map reference] will be:

Captain HILL R.A.M.C.

1 Indian Ward orderly

4 Regimental stretcher bearers

14 Ammonia capsules

10 P.H. Helmets



2 field stretchers

2 trench stretchers

1 wheeled stretcher carriage

All the above will be furnished from the 4th Dismounted Brigade and in addition the following will be supplied by the Emergency Bearer Party (to be handed over to Captain HILL at BIII Subsector headquarters by 9 am 1-7-17)

1 Field Medical Companion

1 Field Surgical Haversack

1 Water bottle

2 Haversacks with shell dressings

4 Men of the Army Bearer Corps

1 Wheeled stretcher carriage

2 Field stretchers (reserve)

(3) At the advanced Regimental Aid Post at L.11b 6 8:-

The sub assistant Surgeon (C.I.H) [Central India Horse regiment]

1 British Medical Orderly

4 Regimental stretcher bearers

2 Field stretchers

2 Trench Stretchers

14 ammonia capsules

10 P.H. Helmets

1 Wheeled stretcher carriage



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