Loyalty to Sirkar

Letter from hospital in France, 23 October 1915 (IOR MSS EUR F 143/86, 23 October 1915) © British Library


From ? Mohammad, in hospital in France, to Chowdri Fazal Illahi Shaib, Clerk, S.&T. Corps, F.P.O No 20, I.E.F. “A”. (English, 19/10/15). “I just heard it that Khan Sahib’s younger daughter got a son, and also the youngest one a girl. I congratulate that all the clerks of the S.&T. Corps are going back to India. I advise you, when you people reached India, you must take care what you are talking about the war, being a Mohammadan this is your duty to explain honestly about our Sirkar. Do not talk with the Badmash people, be a loyal subject of the Raj. I myself on mouth say that we were well treated in each and every respect more than we were entitled. We being Mohammedans must not be ungrateful, our religion prohibit such mischief. Will you let me know all about you before you leave France. My salam to Jan-i-Alam and to all. I hope our turn will also come soon”.

(Letter passed)

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