Source Three

And for 20d in the expenses of two men supervising pannage with monies recorded for the pigs received from pannage. And for 17½d. in the wages of seven women carrying malt to be for winnowed three days. And 2s. 11d. in the wages of divers people removing corn from the high chamber to the granary and winnowing it. And for 4s. 5d. in buying nine locks for the doors of the earl’s larder, pantry, bakehousegarden and boathouse with two iron chains and a spike bought for the same boathouse. And for 12d. in making a cupboard in the gardener’s house for storing apples. And for 2s. 4½d. in spreading manure in the enclosure, with the wages of divers people helping the gardener planting plants in the garden.


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Minor expenses of William the Chaplain of Kenilworth, 1313, Catalogue ref: DL 29/1/3, [membrane 13, (dorse) [back of the document] 

  • What does this source and Source 2 reveal about how people living in the castle were fed? 
  • How were supplies protected? 
  • What might this tell us about the role of women in the castle?