Source Six

Account of repairs to be allowed: Kenilworth


Firstly, paid to Sir Andrew Flamok for making 12000 tiles bestowed over the […]mor and for six dozen gutters – 32s. 


For digging of clay for the same – 13s. 4d. 


For three quarters of lime delivered to the same Sir Andrew to be bestowed upon the same – 8s. 


3000 tiles delivered to John Cheynye for re-roofing his tenement and town house – 15s. 


Five bundles of latts delivered to him – 20d. 


20 feet of Eves board – 6½d. 


2 loads of straw delivered to him, and carriage thereof – 12s. 8d. 


Paid for carriage of 3000 tiles – 2s. 


Delivered to Sir John Cheyny, 5000 lath nails – 5s. 


For five peny nailes 5d. 


Two quarters of lime to John Cheynye – 5s. 


Delivered to Robert Clavesley two loads of straw – 2s. 8d. 


Delivered to William Hynes one load of straw – 16d. 


Delivered to Nicholas Lufky 18 loads of straw – 20s. 8d. 


Delivered to Agnes Lavender six loads of straw – 8s. 


Delivered to Christopher Fyppys twelve loads of straw – 12s. 8d. 


Delivered to Elias Grene two loads of straw – 2s. 8d. 


SUM: £7 3s. 11½d. 


Overseen by me Thomas Robyns, steward there.  


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Account of repairs at Kenilworth Castle during the reign of Henry VIII (1509-1547) Catalogue ref: E 101/465/27 

  • What different items appear in these accounts? 
  • Why do you think they are needed? 
  • How useful is this set of accounts in uncovering the later history of Kenilworth castle?