Source Nine

Transcript [French]

A nostre seignur le Roi e a son counseil prie Johane qe fust la femme monseignur Hugh de Quilly qil pur dieu e pur la alme son pier qil / voille faire reson e grace de sa terre de Gildanemorton’ qe fust de son purchase auant ceo qel fust espose au dite Sire / Hugh e le dist terre est en le Counte de Leycestre e purceo qe ceste terre ensemblement oue toutes ses autres terres /


furent seisi en la meyne le Roi par ascuns enchesons nostre seignur le Roi de sa grace lui granta les dites terres /


pur certayns raunzon a Rothewell’ mes il morust eus qil poist sa terre reyndre par quoi ele prie pur dieu qil lui / voille granter la tierce partie de ses autre terres en nom de Dowerie.


Nicholaus de Temple


[Endorsed] Seient assignez bones / gentes denquerer la verite etc. / e retourner en Chauncellerie e fait dreit.


To our lord the king and to his council, Joan, who was the wife of Sir Hugh de Quilly prays that, for God and for the soul of his father, he will do reason and grace concerning her land of Gilmorton, which was of her purchase before she was married to the said Sir Hugh, and the said land is in the county of Leicestershire, and because this land, together with all of his other lands, was seized into the hand of the king for certain reasons, our lord the king, of his grace, granted him the said lands for a certain ransom paid at Rothwell, but he died before he could return his land, wherefore she prays for God that he will grant to her the third part of his other lands in the name of dower. 


Nicholas de Temple 


[Endorsed] Let good men be assigned to inquire into the truth etc. and return [their findings] into Chancery and let right be done there. 


« Return to Kenilworth Castle (part two)

Petition of Joan, widow of Sir Hugh de Quilly to King Edward II1322, Catalogue ref: SC 8/133/6609 

This document has been endorsed which means there is writing on the back that shows the claim was considered by the king and his council and certain action was to be taken. 

  • Why has Joan sent a petition to the King Edward II? 
  • What does this source infer about the position of women at that time? What rights did they have?