Voyages to America

Letter from Captain Sir Gerard Herbert to Dudley Carleton, 1st Viscount Dorchester about voyages to America, 13 February 1618 (catalogue ref: SP 14/96ff.28-29).

This is a letter that recounts various pieces of news. The section transcribed is a report on the exploration of Sir Walter Raleigh to America. It contains details of the voyage and Sir Walter’s interaction with the local people.


Captain Peter Alley is come hither some 14 days past who brings news of the safe arriving of Sir Walter Raleigh and his troops in the wished place of his designs in America. And [he was] very kindly used of the Indians and one or two Indians which he brought to England in former times, which he used very kindly, making them Christians and put to school, being now Kings, doe use him very kindly, and it is said, offers to make Sir Walter their King. They supply him exceedingly well with vittles [food and drink], and presented him with many things at his landing and entering up into the land and his name so long known to those parts the Indians much respect him. He is entered with his ships as far as the water will give him leave up into the lands, then at Alley’s parting was making barges & boats to pass by water higher. Sir Walter himself was at sea so extremely sick as it was thought he could not recover. But recovered very well.

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