Prince Charles’ return

Letter to Secretary Calvert that reveals popular celebration on the Prince’s return from Spain (despite the fact that the trip had not been a success), 7 October 1623 (catalogue ref: SP 14/153 f. 25).



I make no doubt of your joy, neither do I fear the burning of that town, it being a happy thing that a good part of it were burnt upon so good an occasion, that it might be better built again, and his Highness to be the founder. We are no less merry here I assure you, and have made bonfires that might well have hazarded our streets, had not the heat been well allayed with London liquor. I thank you for the rest of your good news also, which is his Majesty’s happy amendment in his health, God continue it, and give us every day more cause of joy both in the Father and the Son. This packet will bring Mr Gresley all his letters and I have provided a post for Spain, when so ever his Majesty shall be pleased to send which I understand from Mr Gresley will be speedily.

I pray you procure his Majesty’s hands to those bills enclosed, them being for the charge of the Commissioners to Southampton and the other for the Guard, a bill of course and command.

Your Friend and Servant

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