Local war costs

Mayor of Sandwich and collection for the Bohemian Wars, 7 October 1620 (catalogue ref: SP 14/117 f.8).

This source shows evidence of local collections being taken as a result of the war taking place between the Bohemian Protestant nobility and the newly elected Catholic king in Bohemia. This collection was probably taken to aid the Protestant rebels.


According to promise I have sent here enclosed by this bearer Andrew Hatcher a bill of exchange upon Samuel de Wisher dwelling upon St Mary Hill London for 153li 11s 0d collected in this town and [its members] namely, for the town 129 li 17s 2d and in three of the [members] 24 li 13s 11d with foil to be paid the next day after you show the bill. I have sent likewise the names of all the contributors with the sums contributed to the Bohemian wars, desiring to have from you a note for the receipt of such a bill for so much money and for such use, both for the bearers and my discharge to the town and [its members] So with my service to my honourable Good Lord my, kind salutation to yourself, I leave you to God and rest.

Your very loving friend to us

Mathew Peke Mayor


li=pounds, s=shillings, d=pence

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