Petition to George I

This document has 21 signatures and was written in 1716. These people are asking the King for compensation for damage caused to their land and properties which they claim was caused by Jacobite rebels setting fire to it in 1715. They have tried to rebuild and pay their taxes but hope the king will take into account their difficulties. (SP 35/7  f.15b)


To The Kings most excellent Majestie
Most Gracious Sovereign

We Underscribers [those who have signed the petition] being those of your Majesties dutifull and Loyal Subjects who suffered by the inhumane practices of burning and devastation committed by the barbarous Highlanders influenced by a popish Pretender. Do for ourselves as Heretors [landowners] and in the name of our Tennents Beg leave to represent to your Majestie That We had in the night time without any preceeding advertisement [information] our houses and substance consumed by flames ourselves, wives, and children exposed to all injuries of a severe winter, whereby and the horrour [horror] of such usage [treatment] several lives perished [died] what attempts were made to preserve [save] any of our goods, more frustrate by plundering or throwing back to the flames. And we bereaved [lost] of our liveings [means of supporting ourselves], our bodies insulted and minds in terror were forced to take lodging in the snow. We have made all the efforts in our power to refitt our houses and pay the Taxes imposed as formerly, being supported hitherto with the expectations and credite That your Majestie would take our circumstances under your Royal consideration. We beg leave to lay our case before your Majestie and to mention a List of Losses your Majesties dutiful subjects sustained [caused] by burning amounting to a sume betwixt [between] Six and Seven Thousand Pound Sterling Hopeing your Majestie will regard our hardships and in your great Wisdom find out some means of redress. And your Petitioners shall ever Pray That your Majesties reign may be long and prosperous.

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