Source 2

Donald Campbells employment record (WO 363/C)


Date of Offence 22.5.134 11/13
RankP/c " " "
Cases of Drunkenness1 2 3
OffenceI obtaining extension of leave Under false pretencesII Drunk on joining the Station Drunk in barracks about 8.30pm Drunk in Barracks about 8.45pm
By whom reported and Names of WitnessesDocumentary
L/C Salmon Sg Richardson
L/C Bauchope
C.S. Watering
Sgt Watson
PUNISHMENT awardedAdmonished Fined 2/6 Fined 4/6
Date of award, or of order dispensing with trail 5.2.1323.5.136 11/13
By whomMajor Dyson Capt JamesCapt Price
Date of Commencement -- -- --
Date of Expiration-- ----
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3. Read Source 2, 3 and 4. These records show Donald Campbell’s charges.

  • How old was Private Campbell by 1913?
  • What was Private Campbell found guilty of in Glencorse on 15 January 1913?
  • Using information from all three extracts, what offences was Campbell found guilty of throughout his military career?
  • In your opinion, how serious were these offences?