Source 3

Donald Campbells Squadron, Troop, Battery and Company Conduct Sheet page 1 (WO 363/C)




Squadron, Troop, Battery and Company Conduct Sheet.

(Printed in 1907)

 HWV 800,000 2–7
8 86 92
The Royal Scots Regiment _________________ Signature of O.C. Company ________________
Regimental Number and Name
8493  Donald Campbell
Joined Depot   Date 10.8.03
Joined 1st Batt Date 15.10.03
Joined Depot   Date 16.10.04
Joined 1st Batt Date 18/9.05
2nd Batt 19.10.05


Age on 10.8.03 18 years 4 months

with Colours 12 1 years

Period of

with Reserve 1 years

TradeCellar man



Good Conduct Pay, Service Pay(Monetary payments, many of which are illegible)
Place Date of Offence Rank Cases of Drunkenness OFFENCE Names of Witnesses Punishment Awarded Date of award or of order dispensing with trial By whom awarded REMARKS
 The top area of the form has been used for various officers notes
15.1.13 Pte I obtaining extension of leave under false pretencesTo be carried over Admonished 5.2.13 Major Dyson
4.2.13 II Drunk on joining the station
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3. Read Source 2, 3 and 4. These records show Donald Campbell’s charges.

  • How old was Private Campbell by 1913?
  • What was Private Campbell found guilty of in Glencorse on 15 January 1913?
  • Using information from all three extracts, what offences was Campbell found guilty of throughout his military career?
  • In your opinion, how serious were these offences?