Turnpike Act

Extract from an Act of Parliament which created a turnpike on the road from Leeds to Selby, 1740 (RAIL 800/241/2)


Provided always And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid That all such Sum & Sums of Money as shall be Collected and received at any Turnpike or Turnpikes which shall be erected by Virtue of this Act between the Towns of Leeds and Selby shall be Paid out and applied in Amending [repairing] the Road- leading from Leeds and Selby only and not otherwise. But if at any time before the Expiration of this Act the said last mentioned Road shall be sufficiently amended and so Adjudged by the Justices of the Peace for the West Riding of the Said County of York at their General Quarter Sessions of the Peace to be holden for the Said Riding that then from and after such Adjudication made and repayment of all Such money as shall be due and owing on the Credit of the Tolls on the Said last mentioned Road, It shall not be lawful to demand or take any of the Tolls or Duties by this Act granted or made payable.

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