Source 4

A table listing the food and drink given to each child in a year. (CHAR 2/384)


Foundling Hospital 2 Nov 1836

Cost of provisioning each child in the Hospital per annum at present prices, the quantities being agreeably to the dietary.

292½ lbs of Bread at 12d the 8 pound loaf                     1,16,6

110½ lbs of meat at 6½                                                       2,19,7

13lbs 4oz of butter at 10d ½                                               0,11,6

52lbs of Potatoes                                                                 0,2,8

4lbs 14oz of suet                                                                  0,2,8

24lbs 6oz of flour                                                                 0,4,0

9lbs 12oz of oatmeal                                                           0,2,0

32 Gallons of milk                                                               1,12,0

15lbs 7oz of rice                                                                   0,2,6

2lbs 7oz of sugar                                                                 0,1,6

1lb 10oz of treacle                                                               0,0,6

3 Gallons 1qt of beer                                                           0,2,2


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Is there anything missing from this diet?

Does anything surprise you about the children’s diet?

How does this compare to modern day food?