‘Dear old pals’, Cartoon by Vicky [Victor Weisz] from the Daily Mirror, 12th October 1954

From the collection of the British Cartoon Archive, University of Kent. © Mirrorpix / Trinity Mirror


Dear old pals…

[First panel:]

Your cartoonist, still dazed after Scarborough and Blackpool, welcomes the idea that next year’s Labour and Tory Party Conferences should be held together-

[Box on head:]

Flock votes

[Book under arm:]

Dictionary of platitudes

[Second panel:]

We could then pass a composite resolution congratulating our composite Chancellor for having kept the cost of living stable although the index had risen another 10 points-

[Name plates, left to right:]


Mr. Butskell


[Bottle on table:]

Milk & water socialism

[Third panel:]

And could end the proceedings with a bipartisan ‘battle’ on Foreign policy between Deakindum and Churchilldee.

[Left briefcase:] Official Labour policy

[Right briefcase:] Official Tory policy

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