King Cromwell?

During the 1650s some people wanted to make Cromwell the King and have a ceremony in which he was crowned. Not everybody agreed with this idea and Cromwell himself was unsure.


There is much talk of a coronation at London; the letters say it has been voted in Parliament, opposed only by 14, but his Highness [Cromwell] will not accept it unless it pass nem. con. [Latin: ‘nemine contradicente’ meaning without opposition] The breach between the King [Charles II] and Duke of York [his younger brother James] is not quite made up; poor hopes of a kingdom divided, or of brothers where the bond of unity is broken.

P.S.—Mr. Fuller, the ambassador’s chaplain, tells us the coronation is a certain thing, and will surely come to pass soon.

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Extract from letter with news about the coronation of Cromwell, March 1657

  1. What might the reasons have been for people wanting Cromwell to become King of England?
  2. What might the reasons have been for people not wanting Cromwell to becoming King of England?