Talking to Bishop


Bishop used to work on this side of the water – he used to live in Shoreditch and until I went to his house this time I did not know where he lived – I met him first at the Fortune of War [pub] – I met him at the Fortune of War on the Friday the 4th of November between 11 and 12 I think as nearly as I can recollect […]


Bishop asked me where they were giving the best price for things I told him I had sold two the day before I said I had got 10 Guineas for mine and asked him what sort of subject his was (he having told me he had got one) He told me it was fresh and a lad of about 14 Years of age – He said he had been at the west end of the town and had been bid Eight Guineas for it – I told him if it was mine I should take no such money for it – I said if it was mine I could get 10 Guineas for it – he said if I like I should sell it and all I could get over nine I should have it for myself – I agreed to it.



10 Guineas = Equivalent to 52 days wages for a skilled tradesman at the time. Approx. £712 today.

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Talking to Bishop:

  • Bishop asked May for the ‘best price’ – what does this tell us about the treatment of bodies?
  • How often are they making sales?
  • What does the word ‘bid’ imply?