Selling the Body



He declined he said you know John I took two o[f]f you Yesterday and that’s more than I know what to do with – Bishop then as well as myself asked him to leave it there that night which Mr Davies complied with Bishop requested Mr Davis not to let any one have it but himself as it belonged to him and I requested not to let it go without I was there as I should be money out of pocket by which I meant that as I had paid for Tea and what we had had to drink and 10 S for the Coachman’s hire if he had taken the Body away himself – he might have done me out of the money as well as what portion I might have got by the sale of it […]


we went away after I had paid the Coachmen 10 S we then took another coach in the Borough and went to the Fortune of War – had some more drink and stopped there sometime I was then a little elevated and don’t recollect very accurately but I think I went out from there with Bishop and Williams and had a coach to Golden Lane. […]


After I had sold the teeth I went to Mr Davis at the ~Hospital and shortly after I had been there the Prisoner Bishop and Williams and Shields the porter came – Williams and Shields we sent to get something to drink and wait our return – Bishop and I then went to Mr Graingers and they did not want it and then we went to the King’s College we saw the porter – Bishop agreed for the price and we came back again to Guy’s for Williams and Shields we then took the Body put it in a Hamper and placed on Shields’  Head he had a knot – Me and Bishop had a cab – Williams went with Shields – we got to the Kings College first and waited for them – there  we were taken into Custody -.

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Selling the Body:

  • What is May’s main concern at the beginning of the extract?
  • How many times is drinking mentioned? How trustworthy is his account? How responsible is he?
  • Was May expecting the arrest?
  • What do you think May’s crime was?