Letter from Medical Students 1859



Guy’s Hospital

October 5th 1859



The various metropolitan medical schools having re-opened for the winter session, the committee appointed in the early part of the year, for the purpose of investigating the causes of the deficient supply of subjects for anatomical purposes, is anxious to present its report.


The schools have of late suffered much from the lamentably inadequate means to study anatomy and await with concern your reply to the address the committee had the honour to present to you in July.


Permit me to take the liberty of asking, whether upon considering the practical suggestions you did us the favour to request of the deputation, it has been possible to adopt any remedial measures or whether it is in contemplation to effect during the next Parliamentary Session an alteration of the law, whereby the means so abundantly available under suitable regulations but now lost may for the future be secured.


I beg in my own behalf and on that of the Committee to apologise for this intrusion, which is solely prompted by our earnest desire to acquit ourselves advantageously of the task imposed by our very numerous fellow students upon us.


I have the honour to remain,


Your obedient and humble servant


John Thomas Mercer

Honourable Secretary to the Committee of Medical Students, on the supply of anatomical subjects

The Right Honourable Sir L.C. Lewis.

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