68 Park Road, 1921 Census Record



1921 Census record:
Name and Surname Relationship to Head of Household Age Sex Marriage or Orphanhood Birthplace and Nationality School Personal Occupation Employment Place of Work
William Edwin Hargreaves Head 40.6 M Married Lancashire, Clitheroe [Blank] Cotton warehouseman Bury Bro. Fountain Mill Accrington
Thamer Mary Hargreaves Wife 42.11 F Married Lancashire, Edenfield [Blank] Cloth looker, cotton warehouse Bury Bro. Fountain Mill Accrington
Allan Lucas Hunt Hargreaves Son 13.3 M Both alive At Sea (British Born) Part time Errand boy Ed Tipping, Grocer Accrington
Mary Orie Hargreaves Daughter 11.1 F Both alive Lancashire, Clitheroe Whole time  [Blank]  [Blank]  [Blank]
Mary Hargreaves Mother 82.5 F Widow Lancashire, Rawtenstall [Blank] House duties [Blank] [Blank]


Males Females Persons Rooms
2 3 5 3

I declare that this Schedule is correctly filled up to the best of my knowledge and belief

[signed] William Edwin Hargreaves


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  1. Look at Source One and answer these questions.

Source one- 1921 Census record- The National Archives (RG15/20131)

  • What do you William and Thamer’s jobs involved?
  • What do you notice about Allan’s birthplace?
  • What types of fruit and vegetables do you think would have been sold at the grocers in the 1920s? Why did people have to buy fresh fruit and veg very often?
  • Who is doing the job ‘home duties’? Why does house work take a long time in the 1920s?
  • What else can you learn about this family?
  1. What questions do you have about this family that are not answered by the census record? Write these down and keep them.