Listen to the play

The play is about the life of William Towers. The students didn't write scripts, but performed the play as a 'rehearsed improvisation'. The students used what they had learned about William's life to develop their characters. They also used their imaginations to explore how their character might have felt and behaved in Victorian times.

It opens with 'Newsnight' presenters reporting from William’s deathbed in 1906. Using 'archived footage', they then travel back to 1872 to the point at which William was sentenced to imprisonment.

The radio play is divided into separate chapters. You can listen online or download them.

Other ways to experience the play

You can listen to the whole play as one single MP3 file, or download it (2.1Mb) — just 'right-click' (or 'option-click' on a Mac) the link and choose the 'Save Link As...' option. Alternatively you can see a transcript.

  • Download the whole play (mp3)
  • Read a transcript of the whole play

Behind the scenes

Find out how the play was made, and how we brought everything together.

Records of another child prisoner are available for you to study — perhaps you can produce your own play!

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