Map showing Wandsworth and Battersea in the late 1800s


The map shows the different places where William lived.

In the 1881 Census William lived in George Street, Battersea. The road is now called Hibbert Street.

In the 1891 Census William lived at 26 Jews Row, Battersea. This was an old back-to-back terraced house. Downstairs there were two rooms, a kitchen and a washhouse. There were three bedrooms upstairs. Some of the houses in the road were let to two families.

The last house William lived in was 18 Flavell Road, Wandsworth. The house was terraced with a sitting room, scullery and toilet downstairs. There were three bedrooms upstairs. The houses in this street were described at the time as being let to a respectable class of tenant of long standing.

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Ordnance Survey map of Richmond, Surrey, 1892.  TNA: OS 38/111