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William's death certificate

William's death certificate states that he died of locomotor ataxia. This condition involved the collapse of the nervous system, leading to muscle weakness, blindness and eventually death.

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Here is a simplified transcript of the document.

Certified copy of an entry of death 1906 Death in the sub-district of Southfields in the County of London.
1 No. 1
2 When and where died Twenty-fourth January 1906. 18 Flavell Road
3 Sex Male
4 Age 45 years
5 Occupation Bricklayer (journeyman)
6 Cause of death Locomotor ataxia 8 years Asthenia, Certified by Henry Carmichael MB
7 Signature, description and residence of informant L. Towers. Widow of deceased, present at death. 18 Flavell Road Wandsworth.
8 When registered Twenty-fourth January 1906
9 Signature of Registrar W. V. Morton Registrar

What's interesting about this document?

Compare this document with the birth and marriage certificates. Who is the informant responsible for the notification of death on the certificate?

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