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Timothy's charge sheet

This page contains an image of the document and a simplified transcript.

Charge sheet for Timothy Buckley, 12 April 1873, Wandsworth prison. Reference: PCOM 2//291/24
Timothy's charge sheet. TNA: PCOM2/291/24
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Name, no and aliases Timothy Buckley, 5279
Age (on discharge) 12
Height 4ft 6.5
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Complexion Fresh
Where born Not known
Married or single Single
Trade or occupation None
Distinguishing marks Scar on forehead and upper lip
Address at time of apprehension 9 Collers Rents, High St. Boro
Place and date of conviction Southwark - 12 April 73
Offence for which convicted Absconding from an industrial school
Sentence 1 calendar month hard labour, 4 years reformatory
Date to be liberated 10 May 1873
Intended residence after liberation [empty]


  • What was Timothy charged with?
  • How long was his sentence?
  • Write a description of what Timothy looked like.