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Police report on the incident at the Derby, 1913
(Catalogue ref: MEPO 2/1551)

Metropolitan Police.

Epsom Station.

“V” Division.
4th June 1913

I beg to report that at 3.10 pm 4th [?] I was on duty at Tattenham Corner near the [?] Path whilst the race for the Derby Cup was being run several horses passed by when a woman supposed Emily Davison ran out from under the fence and held her hands up in front of H. M. The King’s horse, whereby she was knocked down and rendered unconscious. Dr V Lane of Banstead attended to the woman and directed her removal to the Cottage Hospital, Epsom where she was taken in a private motor No. L. A. 7959 owned by J. B. V. Faber Esq. Manor House, Ewell who kindly placed same at disposal of Police. Mrs. Warburg of 2 Craven Hill, Paddington. W. rendered great assistance to the injured woman and accompanied her in motor-car to Hospital the lady having formerly been a nurse. She was seen by the House Surgeon Dr Peacock and detained, the Doctor stated she was suffering from concussion and was unconscious. On her jacket being removed I found

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two Suffragette flags 1 ½ yards long by ¾ yard wide each consisting of green, white and purple stripes folded up and pinned to the back of her jacket on the inside. On person 1 purse containing 3s 8d ¾. 1 return half railway ticket from Epsom Race Course to Victoria No 0315, 2 Postal Orders Counterfoils No 79/c 435592 for 2/6, “crossed” written in ink thereon, one for 7/6, C. Gore 1 4/13 written in ink thereon one insurance ticket dated May 10th 1913 on. G. E. Railway to and from New Oxford Street. Eight ½ stamps. 1 key. 1 Helpers’ pass for the Suffragette Festival Empress Rooms, High Street, Kensington for 4th June 1913. 1 Memo Book. 1 Race Card some envelopes and writing paper. 1 handkerchief Emily Davison E. H. D. 8.88 in coins.

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