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Swing letters, December 1830
(Catalogue ref: HO 52/6)

Source 7a

Corp. Chr. Coll. Cambridge
Dec 8. 1830

Dr Lamb
Enclosing two threatening letters

The Rt. Hon’ble
Lord Melbourne
Secretary for Home Dept.

Corp. Christ. Coll. Cambridge
Dec 8th 1830

My Lord

The enclosed letters were received this morning one by Mr Simeon of King’s College and the other by myself. They are probably of no importance – but I forward them to your Lordship, as it is not impossible but they may be of some use in the investigations now going forwards.

I have
the Honour to be
Your Lordship’s
[?] humble [?]

J. Lamb

Source 7b

Dr Agnus

The college that thou holdest shalt be fired very shortly. Thou shalt here further from me when it is in flames.

Head Quarters

Source 7c

Revd. Sir,

Thou wilt soon see, that I have not forgot thee, nor the college that thou belongist to.

Thou shalt hear further from me when Kinngs College is in flames.

Head Quarters

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