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A reward poster from Kent, probably posted in August or September 1830
(Catalogue ref: HO 52/8)

£120 Reward

WHEREAS on TUESDAY, Aug. 3, about 12 o’Clock in the Day, and on the following FRIDAY, about 6 o’Clock in the Evening, and on MONDAY, Aug. 9, about 7 o’Clock in the Evening, and again on SATURDAY, the 28th August, about 7 o’Clock in the Evening, the Premises of Mr. JONATHAN THOMPSON, at Counter Corner, and Hendon, near Seven Oaks, Kent, were WILFULLY FIRED, by which BUILDINGS and STOCK have been destroyed of considerable Value, £100 REWARD is therefore offered by the


(where the Property was insured) for the Discovery of the Incendiary, or Incendiaries, and will be paid on Conviction by the above Office, in Addition to £20, offered by Mr. THOMPSON, and any other Rewards offered by Act of Parliament and otherwise.

Any Accomplice giving Evidence that may lead to Conviction may receive the above Rewards, and His Majesty’s Pardon will be applied for in his Favor.


Secretary, County Fire Office, Regent Street, London.

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