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Letter from the Home Office on the conduct of the Manchester magistrates, 23 August 1819
(Catalogue ref: HO 41/4 f.496)

Source 4a

Whitehall 23rd August 1819,

William Hulton Esq,


I am directed by Lord Sidmouth to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 20th instant in which, as chairman of the Select Committee of Magistrates of the two Counties of Lancaster and Chester, you by their direction request permission to publish Lord Sidmouth's letter of the 18th instant in which his Lordship expressed his approbation of the conduct of the magistrates at Manchester on the 16th.

Source 4b

As Lord Sidmouth's letters of Saturday last to the Earls of Derby and Stamford conveyed the most gracious appreciation of H.R.H. the Prince Regent, of the conduct of the magistrates at Manchester, and expressed the great satisfaction which His Royal Highness had derived from their prompt, decisive and efficient measures to preserve the public tranquillity, which must be of far greater value than any thing only proceeding from Lord Sidmouth himself,

Source 4c

His Lordship presumes that it can no longer appear to the magistrates to be of any consequence to give publicity to his letter of the 18th instant, and His Lordship would accordingly prefer that it should not be published. But His Lordship sees no objection to a publication of his letter of the 21st.

I have the honour to be etc.

H. Hobhouse

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