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Power, Politics and Protest
The growth of political rights in Britain in the 19th century
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Newspaper accounts of riots in Preston, August 1842
(Catalogue ref: 2a. ZPER 34/1 f.236, Illustrated London News, 20 August 1842; 2b,c,d. HO 45/249A, Preston Pilot, 13 August 1842)
2a   2b   2c   2d        
2a   2b   2c   2d        
HO 45/249A; newspaper account of riots in Preston, 1842

As you study the source, ask yourself:

  • Look at source 2a. Does this show a record of one moment or is it like a cartoon showing several events in one frame?
  • According to the newspaper article, what sorts of people were in the crowd?
  • Why did the soldiers start firing?
  • How many of the casualties named in the article were not from Preston?
  • Does this justify claims that the riot was started by strangers?
  • Do you think this was a Chartist riot?
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