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Power, Politics and Protest
The growth of political rights in Britain in the 19th century
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A poster distributed in Surrey in December 1830
(Catalogue ref: HO 52/10 f.284)
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HO 52/10; poster distributed in Surrey, 1830

As you study the source, ask yourself:

  • Do you think the poster was produced by the magistrates or by the labourers?
  • How much do the labourers claim to be earning each day?
  • How good was their basic diet?
  • If a labourer were unemployed, he and his family would have to go to the workhouse. What were the conditions like in the workhouse, according to this conversation?
  • How does labourer B explain the fact that farmers cannot afford to pay higher wages?
  • How does the same labourer expect the disturbances to end?
  • What audience do you think this poster is aimed at?
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