Dover House Estate tour

This new project with Share takes its inspiration from the Dover House Estate and associated records at The National Archives and Wandsworth Heritage Service.

Originally conceived as an adult SEND walking tour that would allow students at Share to be introduced to the houses and features unique to the estate, the project was re-designed over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic to include an online offer. The resulting video and worksheet are the fruits of this exciting development.

Please download the worksheet and watch the video. The worksheet contains multiple choice and observational questions allowing students to learn about different types of housing environments.

Read a blog post about the in-person walking tours we’ve done of the Dover House Estate: A walking tour: Inspiring creative wellbeing

Watch the video

Download the worksheet

Participants can complete the worksheet during or after the video. It contains questions about what we can see in the Dover House Estate.

Download the worksheet here

Download worksheet