Grenada Sugar Canal

Grenada. Sugar in the West Indies. The canal separates the sugar fields from the estate workers dwellings. Catalogue ref: INF 10/ 378/17.


Original image

Things to think about while working on this image:

  1. Do you recall a favourite walk alongside a riverbank or canal?
  2. If you were walking along a riverbank now, what sounds, sights and smells, including wildlife might you experience?
  3. Sugar was produced in this area in Grenada. Do you have a sweet tooth? What is your favourite sweet thing to eat?


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  2. If you’d like to colour in the image on your computer, you can open it in an image editing software, such as Paint or Photoshop.
  3. To print, open the image and click ‘Print’. Make sure that the orientation is correct (landscape or portrait).
  4. Print and enjoy!
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