This is a photograph depicting a crowded car park and smartly dressed visitors at Champ de Mars racecourse in Mauritius, gathering to celebrate the visit of Princess Margaret. The photograph was taken in 1956.

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The picture shows the outskirts of the racecourse, where many cars are parked as well as the Spectator’s Gallery overlooking the course. In the background, you can see a mountain range. In the foreground, you can see couples and family groups among the cars. There seems to be an air of excitement.

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A photograph depicting a crowded car park and smartly dressed visitors at a racecourse in Mauritius.

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What do you think?

    1. There are many people in this picture. Do you think it was an occasion all ages could attend?
    2. Have you ever been to a racing event? What was it like? If not, did your family ever do the football pools at home or gamble on races? What do you remember about that?
    3. Can you comment on the type of cars in the image? Maybe they help you identify when this picture was taken? Which cars can you recall from your childhood? Can you recall your first car? What did it feel like to ride inside or drive? Did you learn to do basic repairs? Who taught you?
    4. This is a celebration of a visit by a VIP, in this case a member of the Royal Family. Have you ever attended an event when a celebrity or VIP was present? What sort of event was it? What other details do you recall?
    5. Listen to this interview with Liseby (or read the transcript here). Does this change the way you view the image now?

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Did you know?

Mauritius is an island of around 2,000 kilometers situated off the south east coast of Africa. It is known for its very diverse population with Creole, Chinese, African and other ethnic groups living alongside its predominant Indian communities.

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